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Using The Correct Terminology…

Using The Correct Terminology…

Warning the opinions here in are mine and mine alone. I stand by them and I don’t have to censor myself as this is my article and my blog and will post what I see fit to post.

Unless you have been living under a rock or your not a part of the LGBTQ Community or your not a personal friend of mine then you may have not yet been made aware of this problem. Mrs. Carmen Carrera, A former contested on the popular hit Drag Queen reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. A show in which 12+ Professional Drag Queens compete in a verity of elimination challenges for the chance to be crowned Americas top Drag Queen. To find out more about Carmen or RuPaul’s Drag Race please check the links at the end of this article.

A few weeks ago Carmen appeared on a popular TLC cake-decorating program called ‘Cake Boss’ I have never cared for this program, I find the “stars” of this program to be obnoxious, arrogant, & self-centered. Carmen agreed to participate on this program to help play a practical joke one of the “stars” however before she agreed to join this practical joke Carmen had been reassured multiple times that there would be no rude, nasty or derogatory comments made towards her or the Transgender Community. Mrs. Carrera feels and fully accepts that she has become a Transgendered (for want of a better word) Ambassador, and it is her mission to only appear in an educational role that will show the Transgender Community in a good a positive light. Which she did very will in an episode of ‘What Would You Do?’ a hidden camera social experiment type of show that films the reaction of the surrounding people when faced with the prospect of someone being harassed for being who they are, whether that be LGBTQ, Muslim, or even an underage drunk college student being coerced into a strangers home, to name a few.

According to Carmen when filming wrapped everything was in order nothing derogatory had been said in her presents, it was not until the airing of the show on June 12th 2012 that the derogatory comment “That’s a man, baby” was discovered. After the airing of the program Carmen took to Facebook and Twitter to voice how disappointed and upset she was at the apparent deception on the part of the producers of the program, who reassured her that nothing like this would happen.

That night Carmen’s friends and fan’s alike took to the Internet with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other forums to get their support out to Carmen and to voice their outrage yours truly included. Which brings me to the point of this article, while voicing my support and outrage I came across a thread on Facebook where other fans were doing as I was and voicing their outrage and support. As I was commenting on what had happened a woman posted her comment and as I read it I became pissed beyond belief, here’s the jest of what she posted without posting every word of what she wrote, Carman is a man he appeared on RuPaul’s show as a man he was man on that show he, he, he, he, he. So being Transgender myself though obviously no where near the transition stage that Carmen is, I was still highly offended and off put by this blatant disregard for human decency that I could hardly control myself in my response to this so called human being.

I wrote, “First off Carmen Carrera is a Woman! Secondly I don’t give a rats ass what’s between someone legs, genitals have NOTHING to do with gender. Gender is in the brain and in the hormone producing glands. A Transgender Women is a Woman with or without a vagina. A Transgender Man is a Man with or without a dick. Lastly if you wish to be viewed as an intelligent, educated human being then in strongly implore you to use the correct pronouns when referring to a Transgender person. Carmen Carrera is a SHE not a he. SHE is a women not a man, SHE, SHE, SHE. Even though I am in the beginning stages of my transition from male to female my close friends and family had the human decency and respect to refer to me as She, Her, My Daughter, My Sister, Etc.”

So like I told this random woman I implore you as either members of the Transgender Community or as friends or family of Transgender people please, PLEASE use the correct terminology when talking to or referring to Transgender men or Transgender women. I would also like to say that TLC has pulled that episode from the AIR and has along with members of the Cake Boss team issued apologies to Carmen Carrera and the Transgender Community.

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