Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choosing A Path…

Choosing A Path…

You know its funny how life works, for some people life is straightforward and everything falls into place for them, where as for people like me life is a lot harder. You go through life just trying to keep up with the tail end of the crowd just to be a mile behind everyone. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life even now I don’t know what I really want to do. Things are a lot clearer now that I have started on my path of Transition but at the same time the water seems deeper than it use to appear.

I truly want to move to Sweden to start my transition but at the same time a part of me, and this is not even including the bigger part of me that wants to stay with my friends and family, wants to say here in the US and work on a career that I did not think I could have up until 2 months ago which is being a Professional Drag Queen.

Even as I talk about it, it feels like my heart is pulling in both direction, one half towards doing Drag and the other have towards moving to Sweden. Sometimes I wonder what to do? Which way do I go? Then I think can I do both? Can I have a career as a Drag Queen and move to Sweden? Then I think YES! I can if it is something I really want to do and even if I cant do it in a club in Sweden I can do what I planned on doing here I have youtube, I have a computer, so once I get set up in Sweden and if it is still something I want to do with whatever “FREE TIME” I may have then your damn right I’m going to do it, I’ll be the best damn youtube Drag Queen that has ever graced the internet.

I think I’ll do that. Oh and if you didn’t know I use these Blog entries as a type of therapy as well as a journal of my thoughts. I use it to keep my mind clear and as a place that I can argue both sides of a situation without doing it muddled under my breath where people think I’m crazy.

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